Saturday, 15 March 2003

Spring is finally here! (Weather-wise, at least.) It was such a nice day outside, I went and flew my kites. Tried the Hawaiian for a while, but the wind was too low and I switched to the lightweight. Sadly I was flying solo, so no pictures. They are on the agenda some time this spring, and maybe some video if I can arrange it.

More train cars last week too. Three British Columbia Railways centerbeam flat cars. In the real world you see these hauling lumber—lots of lumber.

Finally, a new story is on the way. It’s ready to go, save some minor editing, which I should finish this week.

Saturday, 18 January 2003

Working on a small redesign of the site. The basic layout will stay the same, but I’m going to convert everything I can to use CSS and eliminate as many of the nested tables that I’ve historically used for layout.

Some train cars I’ve been waiting for have finally showed up. 50 coal cars including 2 double-rotaries, all in Canadian Pacific. They’re pulled by a triplet of SD90-MAC locomotivies. The whole train is 19 feet long (over one half-mile in scale)—I’m train heaven. Pictures coming soon, and perhaps a short video.