Saturday, 11 November 2000

In March 1997 I, or rather my Web site, was mentioned in “Mpls./St. Paul Magazine.” It was a sidebar to a larger article titled Legends in Their Own Minds. The sidebar, or sub-article, read:

Self-Promoting on The Net Dar and Tom have created a Web page called, ingeniously, Dar & Tom’s Web World. After a quick look at “Tom’s Pet Peeves” (“people who drive too fast,” “long lines, especially at the grocery store”), we fixed ourselves a cup of very strong coffee and moved on. We love straightforward Bill’s Little Web Page: “Hello! My name is Bill and this is my Web site…. There are a couple examples of my music here now.” There’s also a photo of Bill, looking like a folksinger with a science degree. Emily has a born self-promoter’s confidence that whatever she has to offer is good enough. Even poetry. Baudelaire she’s not, but the Van Gogh she fitched from someplace are nice. Van Gogh… now theres a guy who could have used a Web page. Born too soon, he was reduced to slicing off his ear to get attention. CarolAnne describes herself as a “colorful” person and her life as “a harrowing stereotypical transgender existance.” Michael Armstrong of Brooklyn Park displays his résumé, which corroborates what we already suspected: He can create a Web page.

I realize they were trying to be snide, but admittedly the site wasn’t that special. I was doing Web design consulting and the site was built to reflect that fact. In early 1997 that meant more effort went into convincing someone they wanted a Web site than why you were better than any of the 5000 other designers out there.

I was thrilled simply because it was a first for me. Never before had I been mentioned, by name, in any large publication. I would not be daunted by their petty sarcasm.

Since then, my little corner of the internet has evolved . It has taken on a new name and a new address. It has even grown. I’ve dumped the consulting business and gone into personal publishing instead. The half-dozen pages extolling the virtues of having a web site have been replaced by an empire that is pages strong.

I’m sure it means my 15 minutes are shot, but hey, how many people get their name in print other than their obituary? At least I got to see mine.