Sunday, 06 May 2007

I was indisposed the last few days, so it took me a couple extra to actually get this posted.

The last couple times Roger Clyne has come to town, we’ve been blessed with Saturday night shows. This time we were most fortunate in that May 5th was on a Saturday this year and Roger was coming to town. His Cinco de Mayo shows are reported to be something else.

Rogers merch guy was the first opener and he did a great job. He’s got an album of his own and while it’s a bit lighter than Roger’s stuff, it’s still very good. Jason did a bunchk of stuff from the CD and a couple new ones rounded out his 30 minute set.

The second band was a group called Shurman, a 4 piece from California. They’ve toured with Roger before and seem to have a pretty respectable following in their own right. They did about a 60 minute set that tended more toward rock than the Sowthwest twinge of the Peacemakers. I didn’t pick up a CD although I should have.

I don’t know what time Roger and the boys took the stage, but it turned out to be everything I love about an RCPM show.

There were 29 songs on the set list, which I’d guess ran about 2 hours. On paper it reads as follows: Hello New Day, Mexico, Counterclockwise, Noisy Head, Maybe We Should Fall In Love, Tell Yer Momma, Mexican Moonshine, Contraband, Wanted, Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park, World Ain’t Gone Crazy, Banditos, Plenty, Feel Alright, Down Together, Winter In Your Heart, I Don’t Need Another Thrill, Bottom of the Bay, Jack vs. Jose, Wake-Up Call, Andale, Green and Dumb, Junebug In July, Who Let the Goon Squad In, Girly, Mekong, Leaky Little Boat, Lemons, Nada

After the show I got a chance to hang with each of the guys for a few minutes. When I talked to Roger, he asked if there was something I’d like to hear on the set list. Unable to collate the list in my head fast enough, I said “God Gave Me A Gun” which I’d love to hear live. He said they’d see about doing it one of the next couple nights.

I don’t see it as a promise, but it would be cool. We’ll just have to see in Des Moines tomorrow night.

Saturday, 26 February 2005

A friend at work recommended the Indigenous show with Roger Clyne. I had never heard of Indigenous, but based on the audio samples on their Web site, and Todd’s recommendation, I figured it would be a good show. I was not disappointed.

Roger Clyne opened with a 75 minute set of his Southwest influenced rock-n-roll. With a bit of a party atmosphere throughout his set, it was a good time. Buy one of his CDs, you won’t regret it; especially if you want something to sing along with in the car.

Then Indigenous took the stage. They’re a family act, two brothers and a sister, that play blues-rock like you wouldn’t believe.

Really, it’s all about the lead guitarist, Mato. He’s spectacular, conjuring the spirit of Stevie Ray Vaughn and playing that against the fire of something like The White Stripes. What I noticed was that Wanbdi and Pte (on drums and bass respectively) really carried themselves as supporting players, rather than an integral part of the band. It struck me as an odd dymanic, whether intentional or not.

That said, the show was fantastic, they were great, and I look forward to seeing them again.