Friday, 16 April 2004

My dad and I were in Lindstrom to pick up something for my step-mother. I had the GPS with me and noticed this one was very close by. Since my dad was willing to indulge me, we headed over to the park–how could I pass it up? I was nervous for a while, not having the info from this page with me, so I didn’t know if it was a multi-stage, or had a puzzle attached. How lucky am I?

Very clever hide! It was 68 degrees and very sunny when we were there at about 1200 CDT.

For those looking, I can say trust your GPS and really look, even if you don’t think it’ll be there. I was nearly ready to give up but looked from just the right angle and there it was. That was after I walked around the spot about 8 times.

Sunday, 11 April 2004

Easy find very close to home. I had tried it once last fall, but stealth was an issue with the tennis courts and the field in use at the time. This time, no problem.

Nice easy find. I got lucky and came at it from just the right angle, so the cache jumped right out at me. TNLN. Thanks!

Cache was still in good shape. This park is huge, considering how much residential area so close by. It has a little bit of everything. TNLN.

Friday, 09 April 2004

Nice quick find on the way home. TNLN. Thanks!

TNLN. This was a nice challenge, but not too hard. I had avoided micros until now. This one makes me less afraid to give them a go. Love the containers too. Thanks, RJ!

:I My own fault, not finding this one. I found the fence just fine. However, being the stereotypical geek, I didn’t read the book for my GPS and couldn’t project the waypoint for the second stage. That and I started this one after dark, which didn’t help me any. (sigh)

Monday, 29 March 2004

When using a ballistic nailer, always use hearing protection. I forgot, just once, and my ears are still ringing. But I have to say, it certainly works for holding a 2×4 to the cement wall. I’m starting the installation of new train tables and it’s much better than driving them by hand. More on the train tables, and the new layout, later.

Tuesday, 09 March 2004

Sorry to any friends that tried to email over the weekend. It seems that my mailbox located at the ISP was over it’s file limit and stopped receiving. It dropped any messages after about 0900 CST Friday and hashed up my logging so I can’t tell what was and wasn’t lost. You may have received a bounce message. If that’s the case, please try again, the problem is resolved.

Monday, 09 February 2004

Finally finished writing my capsule reviews for my list of Top CDs of 2003. These aren’t necessarily the top releases in 2003, just my favorite CD purchases in 2003.