Saturday, 27 November 2004

Just got back from spending Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City with my mom. There was turkey and there was trimmings and it was good.

While there, I got most of the redesign for my Web site done. Unfortunately, when I went to test it, I discovered three problems:

  1. There are browser compatibility issues that I need to fix, most important of which is…
  2. IE really does a number on the page and it looks horrible. Mozilla, Firefox and Opera do OK, but IE really does a number on the page. It looks horrible.
  3. I’m having trouble getting the Perl module I need installed at my ISP.

For the Perl issue, I may be able to work around it, but it will add production time in getting new stories on-line. That’s why I wanted to use this new method.

As for the browser compatibility, that’s a big setback. It just won’t do to have the site broken in a major browser.