Monday, 22 September 2003

Looks like my bandwidth provider at home decided to change my IP on me. That’s what I get for using cable modem! Really, I’d go with DSL if I could get it where I live, but 30000 wire feet is a little too far.

At same time, the script that is supposed to tell me the new IP address failed. That means part of this site is broken and my CD database on-line also doesn’t work.

I’ve really got to get that script fixed.

Update: Looks like it wasn’t my IP changing, it was just my provider having problems.

Thursday, 18 September 2003

Went to the Reverend Horton Heat show last night and it rocked! I forgot my earplugs and may have done even further, irreparable, damage to my hearing, but I had a great time.

The two opening bands, Throw Rag and BR549, where pretty good. Throw Rag is best described as a punk outfit from Southern California. BR549 bill themselves as a country act, but it’s more a bluegrass, folk, rockabilly thing if you ask me. Personally, I liked BR549 better, while my friend, Hjalmer, like Throw Rag better.

In other news:

  • I’ve been working way too much.
  • I still find time to fly (kites) once every couple weeks.
  • I passed my driver’s test (yes, at 36 years old.)
  • I have a vehicle.