Wednesday, 23 July 2003

Another month, another trip. This time it was San Diego on business. The weather was great. First day we worked from eight in the morning, broke for lunch, then stayed until three…in the morning. Second day was more reasonable, 9:30am in, 4:30pm out, then we hit the beach.

While in San Diego, I bought a new kite. Originally I was going to bring one with, but couldn’t collapse anything far enough to fit in my baggage. With a trip to the beach in the works, I was really jonesing for something to fly. The end result: over lunch I hit a local kite store that one of the guys in the office recommended. The owner, Victor, is a great guy and knows his kites. He treated me right and I ended up with a 2.5m Flexifoil Bullet. It’s a four-line stunt kite with a wingspan over 10 feet. Lots of control and lots of power. People wave-board behind these things. It’s more than I originally wanted to spend, but still worth every penny.

I never thought I’d say this, but…I can’t wait for winter. I’ll have some pictures up in a few days.