Sunday, 27 April 2003

My week did get better as it went on. Got some kite flying in yesterday and today. Not often I can afford the time to go flying two days in a row, but the wind was so good I couldn’t pass up the chance.

Dashed up a new sidebar for the main page today: On the Nightstand. Nothing big, they’re just books I’m reading right now.

One of these days I’ll get off my ass and put up a couple new stories. If nothing else, I have some vacation time coming up at the end of May, maybe I’ll do it then.

Monday, 21 April 2003

Today is not starting off very well. The score so far:

  • Left my hat at home.
  • Forgot my keys (and therefore have locked myself out of the house.)
  • Left my keycard/ID for work in my other jacket.

At least I remembered to wear pants.

Sunday, 20 April 2003

It was a nice, lackadaisical spring day today. In between rain showers, I managed to get in about 45 minutes of kite flying today.

The Easter Bunny also made a visit in the form of my nephew Brekken, wunderkind and all-around good guy. Hard to believe he’s 11 already. 11! Suddenly, I feel so very old.