Monday, 08 December 2003

Arrived home after spending the weekend in Madison with my dear friend Michelle. We went to a great Spanish place called Restaurante La Paella which had great tapas, a wine bar and an incredibly genial owner.

Also took a tour at Wollersheim Winery. I never would have thought there was a vineyard and winery this far north, but it shows you what I know.

Sunday, 30 November 2003

Got back from spending Thanksgiving weekend at my Mom’s place in Kansas City (MO). I traveled down with one Aunt and had a nice quiet weekend with family. My Aunt from Denver showed up, which was also a pleasant surprise.

I should really go down and visit more often. It’s always a welcome departure from my otherwise hectic schedule.

Monday, 17 November 2003

I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting, musically speaking. To my friends and family, this comes as no surpise. They’re used to hearing me rave about some artist or another every once in a while. Every so often I run across an artist that just makes my jaw drop. Kaki King is just such an artist.

I saw her on the Conan O’Brien show a few weeks ago and was floored. Just an accoustic guitar and tons of technique. She uses a tapping-on/off technique (fingerstyle) to create truly amazing music.

I tried to write down her name so I could buy the CD, but heard it wrong. For three weeks now I’ve been trying to find Cali King or Kali King and failing miserably. Talking to my friend Hjalmer, I mentioned my dilemma and he set me straight.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t hesitate. Go buy this CD! It’s at the top of my Now Hear This list.

Sunday, 02 November 2003

Very close to home, this was an easy one to find. At least the general location. I’m sure I know where the cache is, but I had to take a pass on an actual visit as there were too many people around to do it discretely.

Very easy find, saw the cache from about 40 feet away. I remember playing Frisbee golf here several years ago. At one time I lived just across the street from the West side of the park.

I was probably one of the cars/people rickrich saw. The other was probably some guy that was apparently testing how loud his car stereo would go. TNLN

Not a bad park in this up-and-coming area. Cache was fairly easy to find. The log book is in good shape, but I think the previous water leak got to the stamper. There’s blue dye spread liberally inside the container. Sadly, I didn’t have anything with me to attempt a cleanup. TNLN.

Tiny little park that looks and smells like it’s seen some recent, minor, fire damage. After coming up bust on two previous micros and a 3 start regular cache, this one was easy to find. Give it snow in the winter and I’m sure it will live up to its three stars. Thanks for the hide!

At first I was worried when I got to the first coords, looking at the area. It was a nice day for a walk, so I carried on. I got to see some geese and a couple ducks that hadn’t headed south. Very enjoyable for my first multi. TNLN.

Sunday, 26 October 2003

Not knowing when the season is, the bowhunting mention almost kept me away. Very glad I didn’t pass it up! I saw migrating geese, gorgeous scenery and some sheep. I even ran into a pretty girl along the trail that walked with me for a bit. It was a great walk in the woods and I should really start bringing my camera. Thanks for the hide! TNLN.

Friday, 24 October 2003

Clever hide near a nice little beach. There were even people out on the water in a boat. Tried this one a few days ago at about dusk and walked right by it. Much easier in the daylight, even if the seagulls where a bit thick. TNLN