Monday, 17 March 2008

As a child I was never good at waiting for Xmas, and I’m no better now.

I want to rebuild my laptop and my work desktop. They both run Ubuntu, the desktop is 6.10 and the laptop is 7.04. Ubuntu 7.10 is the current version, but 8.04 is on the way — unfortunately not until 24 April according to the schedule.

I’ll wait it out at this point, but it’s frustrating. I’ve got some time to rebuild the laptop right now, but by the time I get it set up the way I like, 8.04 will come out the week after. It’s too close to not wait, but so far as to be maddening.

I do take some solace in 8.04 being an LTS (Long Term Support) version, so when I build the new server at home it will be stable for 3 years minimum. Actually, Ubuntu supports LTS Server for 5 years, but how often does hardware actually last that long?

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