Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I’m still working my notes for the last few shows of my spring road-trip, but I just wanted to drop in a quick thought.

I was waiting outside The Varsity before a show, standing right next to a big poster with times posted and a sign on the door saying that doors opened at 7PM. Besides me, there were several others milling about, obviously waiting. In the space of 15 minutes, at least a dozen people pulled on the door then asked if it was open yet, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

I really wanted to say “Nah, we’re all ducks in disguise and we like standing out in the rain.” I don’t know that I could have held back had someone been there with me.

Thank goodness for internal monologues.

P.S. I should have all of my RCPM pictures and road trip stuff posted this weekend. Other than replacing some storm-damaged screens, I don’t have any other plans.

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