Friday, 03 November 2006

We got out of Cleveland late, and met with a couple road delays on the way to Detroit, so we didn’t get into town until about 4:30 this afternoon. Since we still had to find a hotel at that point, we had to abandon our stop at the Mowtown Museum. Pretty disappointing, but it was an add-on “if we had time,” so it’s not like we’re really missing anything we had planned for the trip.

We found the venue, The Magic Bag, just fine and stopped in the parking lot for a bit while we did some research on hotels. We ended up at the Red Roof Inn roughly 4 miles away. Not a bad place, especially for $50 per night. No amenities and outside access to the room (like most motels), but the rooms were clean and the place didn’t strike either of us as a bad place to be.

We grabbed a quick dinner at a Mexican place next door to the hotel. It was called Grand Azteca, which I swear must be related to the El Loro/El Azteca chain in the Twin Cities. The menus looked identical, as did the food stylings, right down to the white salsa that I love so much. From there, it was a quick jaunt over to the club and on with the show.

The Magic Bag looks to have been converted from an old movie theater. The stage is about 4 feet high and the main floor is broken into several levels, which of which is a foot or so higher than the one in front of it. The layout makes for good sightlines pretty much anywhere you are in the club.

As Fast As put on another great set. I didn’t pay 100% attention, but I think it was the same songs as the first night, including their cover of Mott the Hoople’s “All the Young Dudes,” which was pretty fun to see.

Once Roger came out, things really heated up. He and the boys did a great show where they did (I managed to snag a setlist from the stage, so this one is as right as I can make it): Blue Collar Suicide; I Don’t Need Another Thrill; Banditos; Honky Tonk Union; Broken Record; Mexico; Love, Come Lighten My Load; Switchblade; Leaky Little Boat; Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park; Girly; Yahoos and Triangles; Jack vs. Jose; Preacher’s Daughter (request); Americano; Mekong; Green and Dumb; Tell Yer Momma; Andale (new song!); Wanted; with Mexican Moonshine; Counterclockwise; and Nada for the encore.

After the show, I talked to the guys in As Fast As for a few minutes and got most of them to autograph their CD. When I tried to catch up with Todd, the bouncers wouldn’t let me get to where he was because they were trying to get people out of the club. Never seen bouncers be quite so aggressive about clearing out the place after a show, especially when bars don’t close for another couple hours.

I told Todd I’d wait outside while he tried to stick in there to talk with Steve for a few minutes. When he came out, he said that Steve told him to come to a place called the Shuffleboard “next door” and we’ll hang out for a while. Todd went to the bus to see if he could catch Roger while I stood watch at the corner.

Finally Nick and Steve happened by and said to come along so I said I’d catch up in a minute and went to fetch Todd. Good timing on my part too. I got to talk with Roger for a couple minutes and filled in a couple autographs. Then Todd and I headed over to a different local place with Steve and hung out for a while again. Turns out Nick was there too and we had a great time, although it made for another pretty late night.

9am is going to come very early, I think, but we have a 6 hour drive back into Chicago and still have to finalize hotel arrangements before the show.

(* These were originally recorded as Refreshments tracks.)

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