Saturday, 28 October 2006

Since the Grateful Dead are no more (R.I.P. Jerry Garcia), and I wasn’t into them enough to follow them around the country, I was never a <defn=”/glossary/?deadhead”>Deadhead. However, I have had a long-standing item on my “To-Do This Lifetime” list: Deadhead For A Week.

It wasn’t too much of a stretch, since I have been known to travel just to see a concert now and again. It had to be a road-trip to see a series of shows, going to see just one show doesn’t count.

There aren’t many bands these days that truly inspire someone to follow them around the country. But it just so happens that, at least for me, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers is one of those bands. Every album is full of good songs, rather than one or two like other artists, and the boys put on a great show. And he really cares about his fans too. I’ve seen them several times in the Twin Cities and I’ll keep going back.

When Roger started a fall tour, I immediately checked for a Twin Cities date and happily discovered that this time we got him on a Saturday. He always packs them in at the Fine Line, so it’s going to be a stellar night. After that, I figured I’d just check what the surrounding dates were going to be and decided it was finally my chance. My friend Todd did a road-trip to see them earlier this year, but this time it was my turn. Deadhead time.

In planning the trip, I was going to catch the the series of Roger shows starting November 1st in Cleveland, OH. Then on my usual Sunday scan for upcoming shows I found out Los Straitjackets, were playing in Chicago a few days earlier. If that weren’t enough, Blue Man Group has a regular show in Chicago too.

That cemented it. I decided to make a week of it. Road trip, maybe see a couple friends, but certainly see a bunch of shows.

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