Saturday, 16 July 2005

So I’m at Cub the other day and in the 30 minutes I was in the store, someone had papered all the cars with one of those half-sheet flyers. This time it an individual trying to sell their car.

Normally people toss them on the ground or take them home and toss them in the trash. However, on my way out of the lot I saw a car for sale that hapened to fit the advertisment description perfectly. Irritated that they had basically littered on a car-by-car basis, I stuck the thing under their wiper. Eye for an eye, if you will.

Later that day I happened through the same lot and the car was still there. But with one change—others had followed my lead. There had to be 200 of the things jammed under the offender’s windsheild wipers.

Poetic justice at its finest.

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