Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Came across a cool little Flash game called Chaos Theory. 50 balls are tossed up in the air and slowly float down. The goal is to set off an explosion to start a chain reaction and blow up as many balls as possible. The score from each of the three rounds are added together for your total.

Simple as it is, it’s everything a good action game should be. You get enticed by that elusive perfect score, but frustrated with never being able to reach it. A cross between luck, skill, and luck as you randomly get a decent score, start to recognize patterns in the game, then try to manipulate them (hah!) to get better.

My high was 138 (luck) on my 3rd game. My average is around 110. Lots of 120’s, offset by a couple games under 50 as I tried a couple things.

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