Sunday, 22 May 2005

It’s been a busy weekend. Worked part of the day yesterday, then went to help a friend with their new computer. We went for lunch, then I headed home. I managed to sneak in a little flying time at Hartkopf Park, about 1/4 mile from my house before meeting family for dinner.

I woke up early today and the weather was so nice, I went back to Hartkopf for some more flying time. It was almost perfect: sunny, not too warm/not too cold, and a good breeze. I got to the park about 0800 and packed it in around 1030 or so, just as it started to cloud over.

I flew the Bullet both yesterday and today. With the wind as strong as it was, the Hawaiian Team Kite might have been a better idea. The muscles in my legs, arms and shoulders certainly would have appreciated it.

I really love that kite (the bullet) and really need to figure out were to do some traction kiting in town. It would also be nice to find someone who can take some pictures or video so I’d have something to show rather than just writing about it.

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