Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Wonderment That is Me

Michael Armstrong has an imposing silhouette when garbed in his duster and his proper hat, but a warm and hearty handshake will immediately belay any misgivings.

When not working with technology, he relaxes by listening to his formidable music library, running around in the woods with a GPS looking for a Geocache, or stomping around railroad switchyards taking pictures of rolling stock.

He enjoys all manner of live music shows, and is especially tickled when the band plays louder than his tinnitus.

Technical Details

OpenOfffice is my writing tool of choice on either a Sony Vaio Laptop or a custom-built desktop, each running Ubuntu Linux.
Typically a Nikon D5000, Canon Powershot G7, or Canon Powershot S500 with NoiseNinja, Photoshop, GIMP, ImageMagick, and some custom scripts for post-production.
The whole thing is driven by WordPress with a custom template based on the “Black and Red” by Lucky Themes.